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Topic: THE SPLIT 2.02 | 18 Feb 2020 (& BBC iplayer now) | Episode Guide | Poll | (Spoilers!)

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THE SPLIT 2.02 - What did you think? [4 vote(s)]

***** 5 stars - Excellent!
**** 4 stars - Good
*** 3 stars - Ok
** 2 stars - Disappointing
* 1 star - Not for me
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THE SPLIT 2.02 | 18 Feb 2020 (& BBC iplayer now) | Episode Guide | Poll | (Spoilers!)

The Split Series 2

Episode 2


 © BBC 

18 February 2020

9pm - 10pm






Episode Guide 

Hannah feels increasingly stressed by the double life she is leading with Christie as Nathan’s suspicions are raised.

Hannah’s absence at home starts to affect the children, who need their parents’ attentions more than ever.

At work, Hannah deals with a divorce petition for the wife of a romantic novelist, and begins to equip Fi Hansen for her separation from husband Richie, negotiating a complex case within the midst of a media storm.

Meanwhile, Rose deals with the devastation of her miscarriage, Nina comes to terms with her surprise pregnancy, and Ruth reconnects with someone from her past.



Cast & Credits

Hannah - Nicola Walker

Nathan - Stephen Mangan

Ruth - Deborah Findlay

Nina - Annabel Scholey

Rose - Fiona Button

Christie - Barry Atsma

Fi Hansen - Donna Air

James - Rudi Dharmalingam

Zander - Chukwudi Iwuji

Tyler - Damien Molony

Maggie - Ellora Torchia

Misty Brodeur - Frances Barber

Prof Ronnie - Ian McElhinney

Richie Hansen - Ben Bailey Smith

Liv Stern - Elizabeth Roberts

Chloe - Amaka Okafor

Tilly Stern - Mollie Cowen

Vinnie Stern - Toby Oliver

Ali - Harriet Webb

Amy - Shalisha James-Davis

Mr Latham - Daniel Monks

Tabby - Laura Aikman

Becs - Nicola Hughes

Rachel Deb Sher

Dexter Hansen - Moses Walcott

Malcolm - Yao Chin

Warm-up guy - Colin Manford


Security guard - Gareth Kieran Jones


Writer: Abi Morgan

Director: Paula Van Der Oest

Producer: Natasha Romaniuk

Exec Producers: Abi Morgan, Jane Featherstone, Lucy Dyke

Prod Company: Sister Pictures




Series Trailer



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Damien is back causing a stir at Noble Hal Defoe in The Split episode 2 tonight, 9pm BBC One 

Who will be watching?



(I will, despite already watching the whole series on the BBC iplayer!

So much to rewatch...)



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To be honest, looking at the Donna Air character list of controlling behaviour - reminded me so much of my ex I cried!
Fabulous episode. Not enough Damien (of course) but enthralling nonetheless!
Domino. I am so tempted to binge!
But I won't - at the moment, at least!
I'm losing patience with Hannah and feel for both Nathan and Christie!
Rosie - oh, please, you were hardly pregnant, it's not life changing. Both you and your husband are starting to grate.
Nina - it's life changing!
Thoroughly enjoying this series, plus it's getting good reviews.
Love how Tyler is having an effect on everyone!

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Incredible episode, 5 stars from me - despite there not being enough Damien!

Tyler is really pushing buttons now. His voice is calm and professional, but his words are strong and unnecessarily direct at times? The scene where he questions Hannah on her client choice and time allocation, the scene later on with Nina.. wow.

The tension between Nina and Tyler is really ramping up and they are almost beginning lock horns. Nina was feisty and on fire at the drinks thing with Tyler and Zander, and he really did not like her comment about his Facebook page, which made the scene between the 2 of them in Nina's office seem like he was punishing her for it and bringing the personal into the professional.

Rose's miscarriage was really upsetting for me. It was a really moving episode, with Nina's struggles too..her shoplifting and drinking symptomatic of her being so deeply troubled, then finding out she is pregnant. Because of that it was hard to watch what Tyler said to her, even though it was true about her lateness, but basically threatening her job, and then the comment about AA as he was about to leave... I really felt for Nina because she is super feisty and strong, but he holds the power in that situation and he played the final card...but part of me notices that he is perhaps the most perceptive about her than others around her, and hopes there may be some underlying care, eventually...

He does some more popping up and passing by and commenting in this episode, not sure it could be considered team building or constructive!

Hannah's situation is becoming less easy for me not to be judgy about. She is now practically leading a double life, there is something about that that seems more deceptive somehow...though Nicola Walker brings so much depth and humanity to Hannah's struggles that you can't help but feel for her struggle too.

All that and I've not even touched on the ongoing main case with Fi Hansen (and that nasty piece of work Richie Hansen) and the appearance of the wonderful Frances Barber as the wonderfully names Misty Brodeur...


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Did anyone else watch this episode? What did you think?!


Here are a few Tyler screencaps, all his scenes were pretty tense! Loving the facial expressions and loving more the even tenser, edgier and edgier chemistry between Tyler and Nina - it is electrifying! As it says in the topic title - SPOILERS!!!


Tyler in Hannah's office:

"Mergers don’t come cheap and it’s NHD now, so can we step it up?”


(Nina later: “Brilliant. In one acronym he’s managed to reduced this company to something that sounds like an STI”)







Christie and Nina going for drinks with Zander and Tyler














Tyler in Nina's office

Tyler challenges Nina on her many “duvet days” and suggests he will advise Zander to “rationalise” if “the books don’t balance” in terms of “productivity and passion”.







"are you in AA?"



Don't let this face fool you!




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I'm getting more and more hooked on this series. Tyler is difficult to get a read on still. I was intrigued that Christie and Ruth were questioning Zander about Tyler and why he doesn't appear to have a lot of financial assets. Is there more to Tyler than meets the eye? I'm not really getting that much of a sense of Zander and Tyler as a couple. I get that at work they have to be professional but as you don't get to see them outside of work (at the bar it was still in essence a work thing) it's hard to see them as an engaged couple. 

It's really sad to watch Nina being so self-destructive and her family seem to be turning a blind eye to how troubled she is.

I felt that Christie was unfair on Hannah making her choose between him and her family. She has so much to lose and he behaved like a spoilt child who didn't get what he wanted! 


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Great to read your thoughts on this episode Rosie, it does seem there is more to Tyler than meets the eye.I find it curious that whole world of looking into to someone's background and pre-nups and all that, but I guess within the context of The Split perhaps not so strange Zander would ask Ruth and Christie to look into Tyler, plus it makes for great TV, and as you say, intrigue.

We haven't been shown much of Zander and Tyler in a couple-y non work situation, but like you I'm not sensing them strongly as a couple yet. Perhaps that will change as the series progresses or perhaps that is deliberate and we are not meant to feel their couple chemistry for some reason?

The vibes and chemistry is all reserved for Nina and Tyler so far, but not in the romantic sense, more of a sparring antagonism and simmering anger on Nina's part. I love watching their scenes!

I'm probably repeating my earlier comments, but heart goes to Nina and all she is struggling with. I was angry with Tyler in that scene in her office, but then hope it is because he notices and there will be room for understanding...

Christie's frustration with the affair situation is understandable, it seems almost like Hannah is in denial of what she is doing and he is trying to snap her out of it, but he seems a little naive of the complexity of the situation, and what it all actually means for Hannah. But she is also so confused that what she wants is not clear to her or him either. There are so many layers in the whole Christie, Nina and Nathan triangle I find myself pulled in all directions, and think that is great writing.
Nicola Walker brings even more to that, her performance is just so deep!


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