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Topic: BRASSIC 2.04 'THE INTRUDER' | 28 May 2020 | Episode Guide | Poll (Spoilers!)

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BRASSIC 2.04 'THE INTRUDER' - What did you think? [3 vote(s)]

***** 5 Stars - EXCELLENT!
**** 4 Stars - Good
*** 3 Stars - OK
** 2 Stars - Disappointing
*1 Stars - Not for me
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BRASSIC 2.04 'THE INTRUDER' | 28 May 2020 | Episode Guide | Poll (Spoilers!)


Brassic Series 2

Episode 4

'The Intruder'


© Sky 


28 May 2020

10 -  11pm

Sky One


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Episode Guide 

Vinnie is struggling with new medication and decides to have a chilled night in keeping an eye on the Crow’s Nest Pub for Kath while she is away. But his quiet night takes a sinister turn when a stranger breaks into the pub. With the rest of the gang busy with their own night’s out and plagued by paranoia, Vinnie must figure out on his own whether to trust this weird stranger. He eventually agrees to help him out and embarks on a bizarre robbery with his new accomplice…


Cast & Credits

Vinnie – Joe Gilgun

Erin – Michelle Keegan

Dylan – Damien Molony

Cardi – Tom Hanson

Ash – Aaron Heffernan

Tommo – Ryan Sampson

JJ – Parth Thakerar

Sugar - Joanna Higson

Dr Chris Cox - Dominic West

Carol - Bronagh Gallagher

Sara - Claude Scott-Mitchell

Jim - Steve Evets

Gideon - Ed Gaughan

Vinnie's Dad - Tim Dantay

Sara's Mum - Sarah Nixon

Sara's Dad - Toby Gaffney


Co-creators: Joe Gilgun, Danny Brocklehurst 

Writer: Danny Brocklehurst, Joe Gilgun

Director: Jon Wright

Exec Producers: David Livingstone (Calamity Films), Jon Mountague (Sky), Joe Gilgun, Danny Brocklehurst

Series Producer: Juliet Charlesworth

Prod Company: Calamity Films








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It's episode 4 tonight on Sky One -  over half way through the series already! So glad series 3 is going to be 8 episodes instead of 6!

This episode is really trippy, another great example of original tv drama. Also - very funny - also - the episode I may have cried the most. Especially at the end.

Also - this very funny scene with Damien!



Come and share your thoughts, I'd love to hear!



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For Carol and Cardi lovers, Tom Hanson and Bronagh Gallagher are doing a live stream on Instagram tonight at 9!


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I was torn by this - nice to see more of Damien but the storyline with Vinnie and the intruder was rubbish. I was quite expecting it to turn out to have been a dream - I think I would have preferred that! That bedroom would give anyone nightmares. But Vinnie smashed the place up, including making a hole in a door, and no one said anything.

I didn't think of zombies in the opening scene but I did think of lemmings!

The old ladies and Male strippers scenario had me in hysterics!

Love, love love Cardi and Carol. Also love oysters but not when "off"! Went to Galway Oyster Festival for my 50th birthday but couldn't persuade my then-husband to try a raw oyster!

Dylan seemed a little "high" at the girlfriends.

Sara? They've been going out how long and she had never mentioned to her criminal boyfriend that her parents were police? They'd check him out, she would know that. Dylan's reaction was really funny, but only highlighted for me that the two of them have very little in common. It's as though he's gone for the complete opposite of Erin. She seems quite possessive in the way she kept touching him in the shop , I notice he didn't do the same.

A bit like the person's egg, this episode, as far as I'm concerned.

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The Carol and Cardi mussels scene was hilarious and stomach churning at the same time (It was mussels not oysters Ellie) Bronagh Gallagher is so great to watch!

I loved the scene with Vinnie and the intruder, on lots of levels. When he put on the Pierrot clown type mask and that shot of him on the bed, it was poignant and symbolic. The sad clown, who plays the fool but is deeply tragic. Like Vinnie. That room in the Star and Garter was an awesome set!
When he faked 'D Man's' voice on the stairs to pretend he wasn't alone, then got rid of him, lol and awesome. When, after he helped Gideon the intruder, he cried next to his mother's bedside. It was beautiful, understated, so powerful. The corkscrew in the head bit was another gory moment of the series. hide (Just me or is this series proper gory?)

The dream sequences were great too, another episode with another level beyond realism.

Damien is that scene with the police, so good, so many expressions in one scene, the ultimate paranoid stoned rabbit in the headlights moment!

The scene where Erin and Sugar spy on Dylan and Sara - then bumped into them in the shop, Sugar fiercely loyal, Erin admitting Sara seems nice.

There have been less moments with the gang all together in this series, so it was so good to see them all in the pub at the end, Dylan behind the bar.


Finally I very much approve of the use of Pink Floyd's The Great Gig In The Sky on the soundtrack, with that scene.

(After the half way point of the track)



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