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Topic: THE SPLIT 3.04 | 25 April 2022 | Episode Guide | Poll | (Spoilers!)

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THE SPLIT 3.04 - What did you think? [1 vote(s)]

***** 5 Stars - EXCELLENT! I loved it!
**** 4 Stars - Good, I really liked it
*** 3 Stars - OK, I mostly liked it
** 2 Stars - Disappointing, I didn't like it much
* 1 Star - Not for me
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THE SPLIT 3.04 | 25 April 2022 | Episode Guide | Poll | (Spoilers!)

The Split Series 3

Episode 4



25 April 2022

9pm - 10pm

BBC One & BBC iplayer 




Episode Guide 


Hannah allows herself to dream of a life in New York with Christie, whilst Nathan starts to doubt his relationship with Kate as they prepare for her 12-week scan. Ruth tells Zander - they are investigating a close associate, having confirmed a connection to a defrauded American client of Christie's. Tyler presents Nina with a contract for their new house, and Ruth has devastating news for Ronnie


Cast & Credits

Hannah - Nicola Walker

Nathan - Stephen Mangan

Ruth - Deborah Findlay

Nina - Annabel Scholey

Rose - Fiona Button

Christie - Barry Atsma

Melanie Aickman - Anna Chancellor

Prof Ronnie - Ian McElhinney

Zander - Chukwudi Iwuji

Kate - Lara Pulver

Tyler - Damien Molony

Leonora - Karen Bryson

Felix - Clarence Smith

JJ Johnson - Gerald Kyd

Liv Stern - Elizabeth Roberts

Tilly Stern - Mollie Cowen

Vinnie Stern - Toby Oliver

Gael - Alex Guersman

Betty - Tyra-Anais Davis

Tali - Zara Wilson-King

Marni - Tiahjah Davis

Glen - Kobna Holdbrook-Smith

Rory - Benjamin Wainwright


Writer: Abi Morgan

Director: Dee Koppang O'Leary

Producer: Emma Genders, Sumrah Mohammed

Exec Producers: Abi Morgan, Jane Featherstone, Lucy Dyke

Prod Company: Sister Pictures




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Such an emotional episode! Tyler, Tyler, Tyler!!!!! The full extent of his deception exposed!

I'm utterly heartbroken for Zander.

Ruth's description:

"He's very clever, very mercurial. He travels light. He leaves no paper trail, no digital footprint."

"He's charming, personable, yet highly skilled. Double phones, double accounts, double life. He defrauded this man of hundreds of thousands of pounds."

What do we think - straight up, cold, clever fraudster/conman, or messed up, genuinely conflicted, sociopath, clever fraudster / conman?

There is no doubt he is a master manipulator and ultimately criminal, but personally I love the tiny bit of ambiguity about whether he actually fell in love with Nina, or wanted to even if he actually didn't, their co-addict connection, and exactly how clear Tyler is in his own mind. Also delighted to watch Damien portray another conflicted (or seemingly) character.



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